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About Ordering

If you are interested in one of the sets listed here then just contact me from this website or by phone with the set desired and we will work out payment and shipping. In addition to logging, milling and providing this wood, I am earning my living as a classical guitar builder, so if you need a set or piece of wood shipped quickly then make that clear and I will let you know what I can do. Right now I am most concerned with ensuring that what I am sending you meets your needs.

Pricing is determined based somewhat upon size, but mostly upon clarity, figure and stability. Straight grained sets with beautiful laced figure and few if any knots are precious, rare and priced at a baseline of $200. I treat the most eye catching figured sets in much the same way. If you are interested in ordering 3 or more sets from me then let me know and we can work out a quantity discount. I am still thinking about what that should look like. As I continue to harvest and mill the wood from these trees I become increasingly aware of how rare some of it's most desirable features are and it's hard to let them go out the door without due respects.

Payments can be made via PayPal to or by mailing a check.

I have received numerous requests for billets of various size and length. Due to the variety, and the time it takes for me to process the requests into a refined tonewood product, I must establish a minimum order amount of $300 USD for any wood that you do not find listed on this site.

These orders are confirmed with a nonrefundable deposit of $50.00 USD

Give me a call at 931.389.1218 and we can discuss your project and what I have available.


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